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Freddi Gralle (vuurkuil)

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Show is in het engels!

Disclaimer: If you’ve never laughed about yourself or your faith, this show is not for you. 🙂

As a pastor’s daughter, the first stages Freddi Gralle spent much time on were in churches. Then she ditched church for comedy – but kept the judgy vibe. The Berlin-based comedian digs deep and finds comedy where it hurts. She’s at Graceland to tell true, sarcastic and personal stories about god, sex and German humor. Are you also deconstructing your religious upbringing or purity culture? Then this show is for you.

Come out for 45 minutes of dark jokes, wild confessions and a pitch for Christian porn! Freddi has performed her solo show “Church Girl, Interrupted” all over Europe, at the famous Fringe festival in Edinburgh and has had more mediocre appearances on German tv than she cares to admit. 

Let your trauma be cured by comedy. 

Waar en wanneer

Dag Tijd Podium
Zaterdag 19 augustus 20:00 – 20:45 Het Veld
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